• A communtiy focusing on promoting blockchain massive adoption and Libra technology

  • LibraChina Online Community

    Libra China was founded in June 2019 as soon as Libra released the white paper.
    The community is the most important part of the blockchain ecosystem.
    We believe that the contribution of the people is also important to Libra.



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  • LibraChina Meetup

    LibraChina keep on hosting meetup and workshop for Libra or Web3.0

    Polkadot Meetup

    Hosting by LibraChina

    Workshop for Web3.0

    Hosting by LibraChina

    Pannel for Web3.0

    Co-Hosting by LibraChina

  • LibraBlock

    First Open Source Libra Browser in the world


    pLIBRA is a privacy-preserving Libra powered by Private Contract on Polkadot. We aim to protect the privacy of Libra users.

  • LibraChina Tools

    Chinese developers continue to make outstanding contributions to the Libra ecosystem

  • Team Members

    The team members knew each other since high school, when we were in a team participating NOI competitions

    Hang Yin

    • Bitcoin Gold: Founder, Lead Developer
    • Google: Senior Software Engineer & Tech Lead in AI

    Marvin Tong

    • Tencent: Product Manager 
    • DIDI: Senior Product Manager
    • EosNameSwaps: Partner

    Zhe Wang

    • XiaoHei Tech: CEO
    • Bitcoin Gold:China Operation Director
    • Master,Computer Science, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

    XiaoXuan Tang

    • GiftTalk Tech: Co-founder, CTO
    • iOS&Swift: KOL
    • ChuKongTech: First Dev of Cocos-2d

    Jun Jiang

    • KnewOne:CTO
    • Dji:Senior Software Architect
    • RubyChina: Founder and Community Opinion Leader
  • LibraChina Partners

    Libra China has reached business or tech cooperation with many blockchain teams

  • Media Partners

    Libra China has reached Media partnerships with a number of media

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    Wechat: 708821556